The Failed Search

Cary Nelson



During the search process, the candidate of choice

1) gave by far the best interview
2) had excellent letters of recommendation
3) had the best understanding of our mission
4) had major administrative/ managerial experience
5) had won an award for work in our area of interest.

Moreover, the other finalists

6)  clearly had major flaws

But the search committee failed to

7) recognize that the letters of reference were not from
    the folks working most closely with the candidate
8) seek out those with whom the candidate had worked
    closely but not listed as recommenders
9) identify other good candidates and get them to apply

We had no clue that the candidate

10) was a pathological liar
11) was above all else self-interested
12) was subject to vindictive fits
13) was massively self-deceived and dissociated and

14)  was in fact the devil